Hegit Token

Hegit Token

Hegit tokens are cryptographic digital credit units based on blockchain technology. They are denominated in CHF and are divisible up to the sixth digit. They were created for accounting purposes. Blockchain is the best technology for storing claims. At Hegit, we use them as vouchers. It has never been easier to create digital vouchers. With the advent of blockchain, virtually any business can issue and distribute its own digital credits.

Tokens are replacing traditional paper vouchers, which will soon be a thing of the past. The token regulations can be found here.

Tokens are the future for vouchers and much more.
Hegit thus takes a courageous step forward.

Blockchain advantages


Data records on the blockchain are forgery-proof and can no longer be be manipulated.


The blockchain always provides a transparent view of how the tokens are distributed.


Due to its decentralized nature, the blockchain is always running.

What can they be used for?

You can exchange them for goods and services of Hegit GmbH.

How can you get them?

As "airdrop" through marketing activities, or you can just buy them directly from us.

On which blockchain do they exist?

To avoid unnecessary transaction costs, we chose SparkNet, a network based on Ethereum's POA technology and delivered with free gas. SparkNet was initialized by CoreLedger and has validators in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Russia.

Token Purchase?

We usually respond within 12 hours. We are looking forward to it!